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Eyeglasses Vs Eye surgery

I have worn glasses since I was in my 20’s. However, after having had a “boob lift”, I have become a bit vain according to my partner. Now, I am thinking about ditching my glasses for eye surgery. These days having corrective eye surgery is almost as easy as popping down to your local chippie for fish and chips. Special eye surgery centres have sprung up all over London as an increasing number of people are ditching their glasses in favor of corrective eye surgery. As procedures are coming down in price, the trend is set to continue. More of us than ever before are resorting to surgery to correct our vision.

Are Eyeglasses A Thing Of The Past?

Does this mean eyeglasses are a thing of the past? I am not sure corrective eye surgery such as Lasik is ever going to stop us from wearing glasses. Many are still not sure if it is right for them. Evidence suggests that surgery is a perfectly safe option, but despite that, many eyeglass wearers are still concerned about the long term effects and benefits. So far, very few problems are being reported. But, at the same time, it is always worth pointing out that there are risks involved. Of course, that can be said for all surgical procedures. As with all procedures you have to weigh up the pros and the cons. However, elective eye surgery is indeed becoming popular. When you consider the long term cost of buying glasses and going for eye tests for the rest of your life, they are more or less comparative.

Find A Good Surgeon

If you are considering Lasik or any other form of eye surgery, it is essential that you find a qualified and registered surgeon. Before you book your surgery, you should check out the credentials of your surgeon. This is done through his or her trade body and can be done online. You should also check your surgeon has been trained in the procedure you are considering. Not all surgeons who claim to have the right training have gone through the correct training program. Make sure that you ask to see a certificate. If your proposed surgeon does not have any proof of his qualifications, you should find an alternative clinic or doctor.

Should I Travel Abroad For Eye Surgery?

Although it may be tempting to travel abroad for eye surgery, it is best to have your surgery carried out in the UK. Yes, I agree, it may cost a bit more. The upside is that if something goes wrong you can take the appropriate action.
If you have your surgery done somewhere like India, it is more difficult to find recourse for any problems. Also, when you have your surgery done in the UK, you also get all of the benefits of after care and the best post-operative advice. As we all know, many ladies who have had enhancement or plastic surgery abroad, have come back reporting many horror stories.

What About Wearing Eyeglasses?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to continue to wear glasses. As they say, a nice pair of glasses will make every blonde look smart. I have a blond friend who has nothing wrong with her eyes at all. Yet, she insists on wearing glasses with what is in effect window glass. My girlfriend Sara says that the glasses make her feel smarter and she acts in a different way when she wears them. On top of that, she also says people in shops and other places treat her differently when she wears her glasses. Maybe we all have something to learn from Sara. Instead of considering eye surgery, maybe we all should wear glasses instead and be thought of as smart blue eyed blondes instead of hippie-dippy blondes. As I am a blonde, it is one of the points I will be bearing in mind before I go ahead and arrange my procedure. After all, you see a lot of brunettes wearing glasses.

Where Should You Buy Your Glasses?

Thanks to the internet, you can now buy glasses online. You still need a prescription, but once you have your prescription, you can buy your glasses from places online suppliers such as Glassesdirect. Other more traditional high street opticians have caught onto the fact many of us like to shop online. Spec savers offer an online glasses delivery service. If you are the sort of person who likes your designer brands, ordering and buying your glasses online can save you a lot of money. As we all know, designer frames are notoriously expensive. National pharmacy chains such as Boots and Superdrug have also entered the fray of dispensing optician services available on the high street or in shopping centres up and down the UK. They have many good offers available and offer various incentives for us to buy our glasses from them. Boots is well-known for its points scheme which allows customers to collect points to spend on other products. It is a great way to ensure customer retention and increases the chance of the customer coming back for their other health needs such as over-the-counter pharmaceutical services. High street opticians are still very popular with seniors and families which have children who may need glasses for the first time.

Do Glasses Make Us Smarter?

This is a good question. As I previously mentioned, my girlfriend Sara seems to think that she is treated differently when she wears her glasses. But, is there any solid science behind this point? The jury may still be out on this matter, but it seems that many people wear glasses do have a better memory. Is that because they spend more time perhaps reading or is it because glasses help us to remember better? It is thought the wavelength of light received by the brain when you wear glasses may indeed “lay down” a memory better. Laying down a memory is what you do when you read, hear or see something and then remember it. It could be that the neurons in our brains help to file or store the particular memory more efficiently if you wear glasses that filter the light differently. This is perhaps the science behind why people with glasses remember things better.

Should You Have An Eye Test?
Even if you don’t think there is anything wrong with your eyes, it could be a good idea to have an eye test. We spend more and more time in front of screens one way or another. The different wavelengths of light emitted by the screens we use, this includes tablets and smartphones, do affect our eyes more than we think. LED displays are now so common in our lives that we hardly reflect on them. This is one of the reasons you should have your eyes checked on a regular basis. It does not necessarily mean you need glasses, but it would give you some idea of how you can look after your eye health. Many supplements can help to boost your eye health and you can also do certain exercises to train the muscles behind the eyes. Simple things can help to preserve our vision for longer. One of the best supplements for better eye health is flaxseed oil. This can either be brought as a capsule or just taken as an oil. The supplement helps to increase blood circulation to the back of the eye. Take a closer look at the flaxseed itself, and you will soon see it resembles an eye. The other supplement which can help to improve your eyesight is Omega 3 fish oil. It is packed with eye boosting nutrients such as vitamin A, C and D. Both supplements have other health benefits which may also benefit both the young and the more senior population.

Who Should Wear Glasses And Who Should Go For Eye Surgery?

It can be hard to say. At the end of the day, it does really have to be a personal decision based on the individual’s personal needs and preferences. No matter how much we proclaim the safety and the convenience of eye surgery, there are still some of us who are going to prefer wearing glasses. Just like my friend Sara, we like the way glasses make us feel or look. To some, glasses may even be a bit of comfort blanket. As a woman, I have been thinking about this a lot. Should I go for surgery or hang on to my glasses? Do men treat me differently when I wear glasses? Many questions that need to be answered. My partner says that he does not mind. He says he is “used” to me wearing glasses. I really don’t know if that is a complimentary remark or not. I would like to know if glasses make other people see me differently. Maybe it is a blond thing. What if my friend Sara is right? Could it be that people in general treat blue-eyed blondes wearing glasses differently and with a bit more respect? Do you know what? I would love to ask Heathrow escorts how they feel about glasses. Imagine if we could ask a girl from a Heathrow escorts agency to wear glasses for one week and spend the next week without glasses. Would men treat her differently? It would be really interesting to do an experiment. Persuade a London escorts agency to publish photos of a couple of the blond girls with glasses, and see if they got more dates than other London escorts from the same escort agency. If men arranged more dates with the blond escorts wearing glasses, it would mean that gentlemen do prefer blondes and that they also like blondes wearing glasses. Would that be a proper scientific experiment in your eyes?